How do the World’s Biggest Companies Deal with the Startup Revolution?


We Discovered a new reality where the world’s biggest corporations are not as ‘lost’ as you may think.

The study focus on corporate innovation by investigating the 500 world’s biggest public companies and their practices in terms of what we call Corporate Startup Engagement (CSE).

Almost all industries have been challenged by startups. Not only can technology companies be disrupted by a small team of engineers in a garage, nowadays it’s happening to banks, car makers, logistics companies, FMCG and more. Yet corporations seem to be adapting slowly, or so it would seem. This report explores the extent to which that is true, and uncovers ways corporations can engage startups.

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Below are some key findings from this report:

  • 68% of the top 100 companies from the Forbes Global 500 are engaging with startups.
  • The majority (61.7%) of the Unicorns mentioned by The Wall Street journal under The Billion Dollar Startups Club have raised from at least one corporate (not including investment firms and banks).
  • The top 100 companies are working with startup two times more intensely than the last 100 companies of the Forbes Global 500

Discover 8 clear ways to engage with startups:

We call it the Swiss Army Knife of Corporate Startup Engagement (CSE):

Who the report is for:

  • Corporations exploring ways to engage with startups
  • Corporations looking to benchmark their practices
  • Individuals working in corporations who want to get buy in from colleagues to embark on a CSE program

What it isn’t for:

  • How to setup an accelerator or a corporate venture arm
  • A prescriptive guide for your corporation, every corporation has different attitudes and objectives
  • Printing out many copies. Feel free to share the PDF, let’s save some trees!

Download #500 Corporations: How do the World’s Biggest Companies Deal with the Startup Revolution? to discover the most relevant channels to engage with startups.

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Arnaud Bonzom is Director of Corporate Innovation at 500 Startups. You can contact him by email at

Serguei Netessine is the Timken Chaired Professor of Global Technology and Innovation at INSEAD and the Research Director of the INSEAD-Wharton alliance. You can contact him by email at