Singapore Startup Gifts 2017


Santa is back

Singapore Startup Gifts is back in 2017 with an amazing curation of gifts from the Singapore startup scene. We launched Singapore Startup Gifts in December 2016 because we wanted to promote local Singaporean startups products and services as perfect Christmas and Chinese New Year gifts.

How everything started

Are products created by startups simply toys for early adopters, and frivolous services? It is because of this false perception of startup products and services that a team in France decided in 2014 to launch Le Noël de la French Tech. This not for profit initiative was started to promote the local creations of French entrepreneurs as Christmas gifts: products everyone can relate to and enjoy. French entrepreneurs being no better Santa than Singaporeans, we decided to replicate the concept.

How we did it

We received more than 50 applications and listed 31 gift ideas in eight categories, ranging from S$7.90 to S$2,850.

The local startup community is supporting the project with enthusiasm by offering discounts. No purchases take place on the website as users are redirected to the startup’s website to buy directly from the startup. New to this year, each product gets its very own page to present it in more detail.

What we learned

Since last year we saw almost 100 startups. Through this cohort of startups we observed the full spectrum of the life of an entrepreneur including but not limited to:

  • 2 startups created since last year (Anywhr, Sleek)
  • 2 startups pivoted from B2C to B2B (Altizen & BeMyGuest)
  • 2 founders sold their equity
  • 2 startups where a founder left
  • 2 startups shut down
  • 1 startup was in talks to be acquired by a Unicorn
  • 1 startup raised USD 8.5M (BeMyGuest)
  • 1 startup run by two amazing students (MadeReal)
  • 1 startup changed its name (Zoylent became Lembas)

Fun fact, we had a unicorn from the UK applying for this year. But unfortunately, we were not able to accommodate foreign startups as well as B2B startups.

5 suggestions for better gifts

  • Coopita: unique handcrafted luxury products from Asian Artisan
  • Lembas: a full meal in one drink
  • GuavaPass: an amazing silhouette after Christmas
  • billionBricks: a tent designed to save the lives of homeless
  • Vault Dragon: too many gifts to store?

We want to thank Happy Garaje for the logo.

Merry Christmas and happy Chinese New Year to you all!
Arnaud & Daniel