Singapore Startup Gifts 2016


When everything started

Are products created by startups simply toys for early adopters, and frivolous services? It is because of this false perception of startup products and services that a team in France decided in 2014 to launch Le Noël de la French Tech. This initiative was started to promote the local creations of French entrepreneurs as Christmas gifts: products everyone can relate to and enjoy.

How we did it

In December 2016, we replicated that concept in Singapore. We want to promote local Singaporean startups products and services as perfect Christmas and Chinese New Year gifts. Pressed for time, we launched the project less than 2 weeks away from Christmas and produced the website in just 5 days: Singapore Startup Gifts.

What we learned

We received more than 50 applications in less than 5 days just by sharing the idea on social media. Singapore Startup Gifts lists gift ideas in eight categories, ranging from S$9.90 to S$30 million. No purchases take place on the website as users are redirected to the startup’s website to buy directly from the startup.

The local startup community supported the project with enthusiasm by offering discounts.

5 suggestions for better gifts

  • Craft workshop: gift a workshop experience with local craftsmen and designers
  • Rotimatic: the very first roti home cooker!
  • Saturday Kids: artificial intelligence isn’t gonna code itself (yet!)
  • Vibease: high tech intimacy for couples
  • for those who see big for Christmas, really REALLY BIG

We want to thanks, Happy Garaje for the logo.

Merry Christmas and happy Chinese New Year to you all!

Daniel & Arnaud